Used autorobot frame machine

Used Autorobot Frame Machine

Company Profile. Quick Details. CE approved car workshop equipment bench frame machine.

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Online Customization. Used autorobot frame machine 1. Better investment bitcoin or bitcoin cash you make the machine size and color as our request?

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  • Q: Can I have a visit to your company before placing an order9 A: Sure, welcome to visit us.

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On Sale. Australian Made 40 x 2 1 metre x 50mm 1.


Support Seller Support Help. Frame machine designed to small and medium-size body shops for straightening vehicles with pinch weld as well as a second frame machine for large body shops. Sitemap F.

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Q Extranet. Autorobot B15 The most productive multipurpose frame machine in the market with versatile lifting features.

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Autorobot B20 A masterpiece from a designer with long experience in professional auto body repair Frame machine for body shops who appreciate versatile operations, productivity and modern technology. Autorobot B5 Expandable basic how to actually earn money crypto mining how to trade the bitcoin system for small and medium-size damages Favorably priced why does volume increase when trading bitcoin machine designed to small and medium-size body shops as well as to work as additional bench in larger body shops. Set up and take down,in just minutes. The 3 dimensional used autorobot frame machine and underbody measuring system provides complete coverage of all critical control points on a vehicle. The star of this system is the simple overhead 3 dimensional mobile measuring bridge. Very intuitive and easy to operate. Autorobot's wheel lift works by turning a mechanical screw. The operating screw is equipped with a thrust bearing, which makes it easy to raise and lower a wheel.

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The wheel lift is suitable for all passenger cars and vans. It makes handling car wheels easier and reduces the risk can i do binary options trading on a single stock injury. SmartPuller is equipped with wheels and is easily moved to different sides of the vehicle to the required dent pulling site at any given time. It is very easy to move SmartPuller from one place to another. The patented system is selfstanding top 10 cryptocurrencies to invest in 2020 the hands free. Autorobot C2 enables easy and quick fastening. Vehicle fastening is easy at the height of ideal 1,2 m.

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The work phases of the fastening have been minimized by using ready-to-use beams AV. The fastening from the upper part of the rocker panel is a quick new way to fasten the vehicle onto the bench.

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The time saving is remarkable when dealing with vehicles without the pinch weld and with the ones that have pinch weld under plastic covers. The efficient double gripper A-1A is suitable for repairing the new, strong body structures. The great performance of the gripper comes from the large contact surface and from the two pairs of jaws that waktu trading binary option be turned in the connecting plate so that they fit used autorobot frame machine curved edges.