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A well-known cryptocurrency investor from California allegedly killed his year-old girlfriend and dumped her body in the Philippines, the day before Christmas Eve, according to international media reports. Troy Woody How to be a day trader crypto. Woody and Islam reportedly called a taxi to take them to the waterway, where they dumped the body, naked and duct-taped in a box, and then returned to the taxi. Surveillance footage obtained by Filipino media shows the two men removing a large cardboard box from a how much money do people make from bitcoin trading around a.

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The driver reported the suspicious passengers to police, who found Masters' body and later arrested the men, who both accused the other of committing the how much money do people make from bitcoin trading, according to The Daily Mail. Police suspect Woody and Masters, who had been staying together in Manila, had a falling-out after Masters pleaded to return to her home in Indiana, the Sun reports. Both Woody and Masters' Instagram profiles reference each other as boyfriend and girlfriend.

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Woody has more thanfollowers trading crypto vs buy ant trade crypto currency his Instagram accountwhere he routinely showed off expensive purchases, like Dom Perignon champagne and Christian Louboutin shoes, and how to be a day trader crypto vacations. In his bio, he calls himself an "early crypto investor. Start receiving breaking news emails on wildfires, safe bitcoin trader emergencies, riots, national breaking news, Amber Alerts, weather emergencies, and other critical events with the SFGATE breaking news email.

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